About Us
  • Words of the Chairman

    • We have strived, right from the very beginning, to excel in our chosen field of commercial activity. From humble beginnings in 1964, Salehiya has grown to become a leading company in the Healthcare Sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
      We shall God willing, continue to forge ahead, God willing, and keep looking for new opportunities to grow and expand our business with an aim to provide high quality products and professional excellence to our customers.
      Sultan Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan

  • History

      SALEHIYA ESTABLISHMENT … a specialized healthcare company
      Salehiya was founded by the late Sheikh Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan in 1964.
      The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia has gone through a rapid expansion and development since 1970s. Salehiya kept a pace with the developments and from modest set-up in 1964, the company has developed to be recognized as one of the leading healthcare organizations in Saudi Arabia.
      Today, Salehiya exclusively distributes many different product lines of renowned international manufacturers in the field of pharmaceuticals (both human and veterinary), hospitals & consumer supplies, medical and laboratory equipment, diagnostics, as well as provides biomedical maintenance and undertakes turnkey projects and operations services. Salehiya's hospital operations and biomedical maintenance services are well known due to successful completion of  many prestigious contracts both in the  governmental and private sector


  • Vision

    • To become a leading andmost comprehensive  source for the supply of high quality healthcare technologies together with related professional services to actively support advancement of healthcare sector in the country.

  • Mission

    • To excel in our chosen field of business by providing high quality healthcare products and services, and to continuously nurture and cultivate service oriented foundation of our company in pursuit of excellence in thehealthcare business

  • Locations


      Head Office
      Riyadh P.O Box  991 Code 11421 Saudi Arabia
      Tel: +966 1 4646 955
      Fax:+966 1 4634 362
      E Mail : genmail@salehiya.com

      Business Development   
       Tel    :  +966 11 4646 955   Ext. 744
       Fax   :  +966 11  4634 362
       E Mail: g.m.office@salehiya.com

      General Enquiry
       Tel    :  +966 11  4646 955  Ext.104
       Fax   :  +966 11 4634 326
       E Mail: genmail@salehiya.com

      Western Region Branch
      Jeddah P.O Box 3869 Code 21481 Saudi Arabia
      Tel :  +966 2 6700 999
      Fax: + 966 2 6723 718
      E Mail: infojed@salehiya.com

      Eastern Region Branch
      Dammam  P.O Box 399 Code 31411 Saudi Arabia
      Tel :  +966 3 8260 830
      Fax: + 966 3 8260 017
      E Mail: infodam@salehiya.com

      Southern Region Branch
      Khamis Mushait  P.O Box 1182 Saudi Arabia 
      Tel :  +966 17 2211 802 / +966 17 2360 856
      Fax: + 966 7 2360 856 Ext. 111
      E Mail: infokhamis@salehiya.com

      Qassim Branch
      Qassim P.O Box 5209 Buraidah Saudi Arabia  
      Tel :  +966 6 3854 479 / +966 6 3851 161 
      Fax: + 966 6 3828 722
      E Mail: infoqassim@salehiya.com

      Madinah Branch
      Madinah  P.O Box 2537  Saudi Arabia  
      Tel :  +966 4 8424 315 
      Fax: + 966 4 8422 071
      E Mail: infomadinah@salehiya.com                                   



  • Our Partners

  • Special Awards

    • The founder of Salehiya, (late) Shiekh Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan,father of Shiekh Sultan Bin Saleh, President of Salehiya, has been honored by His Majesty King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in the year 2002 and awarded him the King Abdul Aziz “Medal of the First Degree”, in recognition of his meritorious services for the promotion and development of business sector in Saudi Arabia. Shiekh Sultan Bin Saleh had the honor of receiving this award on behalf of his father from His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.


      His Royal Highness Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz handing over the King Abdul Aziz Medal to ShiekhSultan Bin Saleh son of Shiekh Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan, in 2002.



  • Awards Recognitions

    • His Excellency, the Ambassador of Denmark to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Sven Erik Nordberg, presented the Medal of Honor of H.R.H. Prince Henrik of Denmark and the Diploma of the National Association for Danish Enterprise to Sheikh Sultan Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan, President of Salehiya Trading Establishment in May 20, 2002. Salehiya has been awarded this medal for outstanding business achievements with various Danish medical companies.

      Shiekh Sultan Bin Saleh had the honor of receiving H.E. Prince Joachim of Denmark (left) at his residence during his visit to Riyadh with the Danish Business Delegation, in 2003.

      Shiekh Sultan Bin Saleh receiving the medal of Honor of HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark and Diploma of the National Association for Danish Enterprise from H.E. Sven Erik Nordberg, the Ambassador of Denmark.